Top 9 Electrical Repairs & Their Average Cost

Sandy McDuffElectrical repairs are not typically cheap, but they need to get fixed. If you aren’t the type of person who wants to try and do it yourself, finding a qualified, reputable electrician is the next best thing to saving you money. Get a Price.

How can the right electrician save you money?

A knowledgeable electrical expert will typically have years of job experience under his or her belt. Electricians usually know the quickest and most cost-efficient way to get the problem resolved – without giving up quality in the process.

This means that even if they charge more per hour than your local handyman, the time it takes to complete the project and cost of materials required may actually be less. Compare Electricians.

How to be prepared… and save even more money.

You may be able to lessen your cost by understanding average job prices before you meet with your electrician. With just a little knowledge on pricing, you are better able to negotiate to get a lower bill and know whether or not you are getting ripped off.*

Electrical wiring repairsTHE BASICS:

  • According to HomeAdvisor, the cost average cost for an electrical fix runs between $160 and $517

  • Electrician rates typically vary from $50-100 per hour depending on the area. Professionals who have specialized skills may charge a higher rate but are better qualified to perform certain jobs.

  • Most electricians charge a service call fee. If you have multiple smaller projects that need to be fixed, it can be a good idea to bundle them together to lower your cost-per-job.

Top Electrical Repairs and Average Cost

Wall Outlet Repair
Upgrade Electrical Panel
GFCI Install
Install 3-Way Switch
Add 200-Volt Outlet
Replace Light Fixture
Ceiling Fan Install
Replace Bath Fan
Install Recessed Can Light

*Keep in mind that prices for electrical repairs will vary depending on the area in which you live and the specific job itself.

Although many repair jobs are similar, they may require a different solution to meet the needs of your particular home.

Also remember that electrical repairs carry along a greater safety factor than other home repair jobs due to the potential fire hazard.

It is especially important to use a qualified electrician who will get projects completed safely.

Another Way to Handle Electrical Repairs…

Lastly, a company called HomeServe USA offers convenient home repair service plans. These plans cost a small amount each month, and they cover your costs should you need an emergency repair.

They cover services such as electrical, plumbing, heating & air and more. You simply call their 24/7 repair hotline when you need them. The plans have no deductibles or hidden fees. Find out more here

Electrical, plumbing and heating repairs can get expensive. In addition, problems typically occur at the least convenient time. Home repair plans such as these can come in handy, not to mention relieve lots of stress.

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